Carmen Mauk

Carmen Mauk has nearly 20 years experience designing programs at the grassroots level that bring about community driven change. While working in France as a volunteer with the human rights organization, ATD Quart Monde, she witnessed first hand how everyday people can come together to overcome societal limitations and systemic impasses to build stronger communities. Since that time, Carmen has been employing participatory methodologies that harness the energies and gifts of the community in order to foster collaborative solutions that make a lasting impact.

Carmen is co-founder and Executive Director of Burners Without Borders, a grassroots organization that creates participatory models for international disaster relief and supports innovative strategies that build resilience in communities around the globe. Carmen holds a Masters degree in Transformative Leadership from the California Institute for Integral Studies where she became an enthusiastic student of the art of facilitating the conditions in a community that can evoke positive change. 

The Art of Creating the Community You Want

All of the ideas needed to create vibrant, thriving communities are here right now. What is  needed are more drivers of the ideas that will lead to viable, community based solutions. Join Carmen Mauk, Executive Director of Burners Without Borders, to discover how people like you are daring to apply their passions to the issues they care most about and the surprising ways they are making a difference.