2014 Speaker Announcement

2014 Speakers

John Denning — Passing the  Turnig Test by Embracing the Bizarre

David Kittay – How to Talk to Pepole We Can’t Stand:  An Algorithm

Silona Bonewald – “The choice is yours – Wizard or Muggle in the coming age of information.”

Kelly Peters – The Science of Choice

Isabel Behncke – Wild Joy & Uses of Abandon

Andrew Horn – Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

Conner White-Sullivan – Ben Franklin and a Religion of Learning

Theresa Beeler – The Power of Personal Authenticity

Wendy Mogel – The Ben Franklin Life Hack

Beau Lotto – The Neuroscience of Seeing – And Seeing Differently

Deborah Acosta – Imagine a World Where Women Feel Safe

Sharon DeMattia – The Naked Truth

Nelson Gonzalez – Encoding Communal Effort:  Big Data for Large Scale Social Innovation

Stuart Candy –

Levi Felix – Take a Break from your Technology


2014 Performers

Nick Vigarino
Bear Kittay – Animal

Photo credit: Sidney Erthal Photography