Joe Quirk

Joe Quirk is a bestselling novelist and bestselling science writer. Joe is co-writing a book with Patri Friedman, grandson of Milton Friedman, called Seasteading: How ocean cities will save the environment, cure diseases, feed the world and jettison millions out of poverty.

Global warming. Overfishing. Food shortages. Fresh water depletion. Peak oil. Resource wars.  Poverty.  Health care crisis.  Government gridlock.

Nine entrepreneurs plan to solve these nine global problems by building sustainable cities on the ocean.  Inspired by Burning Man, Patri Friedman proposed “seasteads,” where ocean pioneers will be free to experiment with new societies.  His idea has stirred a tsunami of marine biologists, nautical engineers, maritime lawyers, and a billionaire to make Patri’s vision a reality.

Neil Sims, fisheries biologist, is transforming carbon pollution into sashimi-grade fish.  Ricardo Radulovich, marine agriculturalist, plans to feed billions with seaweed and give farmland back to the songbirds.  Lissa Morganthaler-Jones, a biotech entrepreneur, plans to replace oil with pond scum to end Middle East wars.  Michael Strong, education entrepreneur, plans to jettison millions out poverty with “a thousand floating Hong Kongs.”

Prepare for millions of blue jobs causing a mass emigration comparable to the gold rush.  It starts in 2014.