Ryan Wartena

Ryan directs GELI’s business, marketing, intellectual property and product development. GELI’s technology is the culmination of years of work toward integrating the power grid and the information network by implementing networked, balanced and sustainable energy systems incorporating innovative technology with his philosophy of energy awareness. Prior experience includes developing Li‐ion battery architectures and materials, patenting novel energy systems and designs, and integrating energy storage systems into the grid.

Ryan holds degrees in Chemical Engineering from UC San Diego and the Georgia Institute of Technology, where he earned his Ph.D. in 2001. As a post-doctoral researcher at the Naval Research Lab in Washington DC, Ryan set up a battery development & testing laboratory and worked on energy harvesting & microbattery technologies. His development of micro- and nano-batteries continued at Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he helped drive the scientific team that introduced the world’s first self-assembled battery.

Introducing the Internet of Energy:

How will the Internet merge with the power grid and support renewable energy?  We have spent the past couple of years developing strategies and technologies to enable the world to run on renewable energy with networked energy storage which we call the Internet of Energy.  I’ll explain the methods, technologies and how everybody is needed to help pro-create and operate it.  Becoming energy aware and participating in an Internet of Energy is critical for us to implement our next generation of a healthy electrical energy system.  Almost everything we do requires energy and we have a natural imperative operate energy in a sustainable way.  Yet, this is so far from how energy is currently generated, distributed and utilized.  The Internet of Energy is platform of technologies to enable everyone to ProCreate their own energy system that provides personal/local benefit and is connected to the greater energy network.  Tune in, stay in and be the energy network.