Shiva Rea – Tending the Sacred Fire

Shiva Rea, M.A. has been dedicated to the living creative pulse in all beings having studied with a global perspective movement cultures in India, East and West Africa, the Carribean, Nepal and Bali for a combined living research of over 6 years abroad as part of her graduate work at UCLA’s Department of World Arts and Cultures.

She has offered yoga for over 22 years around the globe as a pioneer in bringing the creative, spontaneous connection to our natural movement known as “sahaja” in yoga. Projects have inlcuded multi-media home practice tools, Yoga Trance Dance as Moving Activism for 1,080,000 trees in partnership with Trees for the Future, the Global Mala Project, Yoga Energy Activism and Yogini Conferences for Women. She leads free-form movement in festivals and collaborated with many DJ’s and musicians to bring the pulse of movement and music into the flow of yoga as a natural state and moving meditation for any body.

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