From Altered States to Altered Traits: Hacking the Flow State to Accelerate Human Evolution.

Flow—that peak performance state where action and awareness merge, time slows down, and the impossible becomes, not only possible, but effortless—has fueled some of the greatest accomplishments in human history. From Albert Einstein divining the secrets of quantum mechanics while floating on Lake Geneva, to big wave surfer Laird Hamilton dropping into the deadly Millennium Wave in Tahiti—human beings have performed at their best, when consciously thinking about it the least.

Up until now, these fleeting moments of grace have struck without warning and vanished as quickly as they came—leaving their recipients with no way to reliably repeat the experience.

Now: the Flow Genome Project is setting out to reverse-engineer the genome of Flow and open source it to everyone by 2020.

In this talk you will learn:
· what Flow is
· how to experience it
· what to do with it once you have

Unlocking creativity, harnessing inspiration, mobilizing community and just maybe, finding the way into a future we’re finally all ready to create

Jamie splits his time between the boardroom and the backcountry-equally loving a high-level strategy session and a steep and deep ski descent. His training in wilderness medicine, surf rescue and expeditionary leadership translated right into leading and advising executives, where, no matter how hairy the Q4 financials look, no one’s going to die that day.

When not out chasing gravity, he helps visionary leaders architect and operate impact organizations in his role as partner at Fulcrum Advisors. He works closely within the Conscious Capitalism network as well as with Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO) advising their boards, designing and leading chapter events and facilitating memorable expeditionary leadership courses in crazy places way out of reach of iPhones and Blackberries.

His most recent venture, the Flow Genome Project, unites all the deepest passions of his life and work to create integral dojos to train the next generation of world class leaders. Combining a deep theoretical grounding in adult development and neuroscience with practical applications of martial arts, action sports and immersive media, the Flow Genome Project is equal parts Cirque du Soleil and X-Games, with just enough Drucker and Senge thrown in to keep it all above board.

When he’s not on a kitesurfing safari, he lives in Austin on the Colorado River with his wife Julie, son Lucas, daughter Emma and a righteous hound named Cassiopeia.