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Smart & Simple! It is, in two words, just that. SMART is addressing a widespread problem with creativity, innovation, and sustainable resolution. SIMPLE is not only presenting in an idea in a digestible yet fascinating way, but devising an answer that is relevant and scalable to our community, and beyond.


Smart & Simple takes the idea worth spreading one step further to find practical applications for creative genius. TEDxBlackRockCity seeks to highlight the ideas of those members in our community that elegantly and succinctly address global problems.

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Production Volunteers Needed

Putting on TEDx BRC involves a lot more than meets the eye. While our performers and presenters command the attendees’ attention, dozens of people work behind the scenes and a few out front to see that everything runs well. Please be one of our production volunteers. Among many positions, we need stage hands, greeters, tech assistants, people to set up and break down seating, and backups to step-in for the inevitable no-shows. So sign up to participate one of the playa’s most provocative programs now and then see us Aug. 29.

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Law Enforcement @ BurningMan

text courtesy of Will Chase -The Jack Rabbit Speaks.

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“The Jack Rabbit Speaks”- August 5th 2013


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While Burning Man is certainly a remote and freewheeling place, it’s also a functioning metropolis. And just like in any other city, numerous law enforcement agencies patrol Black Rock City day and night to keep the city safe and compliant with the laws that allow us to have the event in the first place.

This JRS topic is extremely important: all Federal, State and Local laws still exist at Burning Man. Any illegal action can lead to a citation (more common) or your arrest (rare). Law enforcement officers have a difficult yet important job, both on and off the playa. Please respect the valuable work that they do. It is the duty of all law enforcement personnel to enforce the law, and they are there to help protect our citizenry.

Finally, a huge thanks to the unsung heroes of Burning Man — our Government Relations and Legal team, who did the hard work to compile all this valuable information for YOU. Hats off!

The Man burns in 26 days!


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Aspire Village

Aspire Village was an idea that sprung from the 2013 Burning Man Global Leadership Conference.  A group of theme camp leaders, artists, regional coordinators, Burning Man Project members — all dedicated Burners — met and brainstormed the idea as a means of creating a collaboration focused on art and interactivity.  From these discussions, one of the largest Villages on the playa was created consisting of over 1800 people from the following camps:  PlayaSkool, IDEATE, La Calaca, Kostume Kult, Sacred Cow, Kardashev III, Black Rock City French Quarters and Enclave.
The highlight of the collaboration is the interactivity zone and “Learning Center” which features several days of some of the most exciting and compelling programming ever brought to the playa.  Not only will it be the site of the 3rd TEDxBlackRockCity but it will also host The Space Conference, the Un-Conference, the Art Car Forum and All Things Burning Man Conference as well — suffice to say — an amazing gift back to the community.
Not only will there be incredible talks but also performances, art exhibits, films and much, much more.
Hope to see all of you throughout the week.

Paradigm Shift - An agent of change

A paradigm is a worldview underlying theories, methodology and belief in a particular subject.

A paradigm shift changes the way people think.  It is revolutionary and transformational.

The term “paradigm shift” was coined by Thomas Kuhn in his 1962 book, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions.

A Paradigm shift is not a spontaneous occurrence and is driven by agents of change.

Are you an agent of change?

Paradigms shifts which usually have their start in the science realm affect the rest of our everyday world.  New discoveries or advancements in technology cause dramatic transformations in our society, how we view each other, our world and system.

The invention of agriculture allowed humans to no longer be nomadic tribes.  This advancement forever changed how we organized our clans and eventually our societies.

Remember when we stopped believing the earth was the center of the solar system and gave the Sun its proper recognition?  This shift towards a heliocentric world view not only caused scientists to change course on past and future astronomical discoveries but also was the start of the end of religion’s control on everything as it began to lose its “infallibility”.

The banning of the use of slaves, basic human rights, woman’s equality, homosexual equality and other societal changes are all examples of societal paradigm shifts.

If you had 10 minutes in front of other burners at this year’s TedxBRC, what would you blow our minds with?

Have an idea?  Let’s hear it!

Open call for speaker nominations TEDxBRC 2013

Dear Member of the Burning Man Community -

Welcome and thank you for submitting your talk for consideration at the 2013 TEDxBlackRockCity hosted by Play)A(Skool. We are very eager to review your information as we curate these important talks this year.

The theme of our talks is “Paradigm|Shift” — your talk should highlight that shift —- What do you have to share that is groundbreaking, thought-provoking, interesting, funny and most importantly IDEA SHIFTING?

Your talk should be no more than 15 minutes.

Our format is very simple — you, a dome and a bunch of people interesting in what you have to say or do. Anything from the abstract and esoteric to the very practical and concrete — we want to provide a platform for you to GIVE BACK to the community.

In 2013, Play)A(Skool has joined forces with several other camps including IDEATE, each dedicated to the new “Learning Center” on the playa where we will host the TEDx talks this year. In addition, we will be broadcasting your talk LIVE to all of Black Rock City through our radio station on Playa.

If you have an “Idea in Worth Spreading” that you would like to SHARE, please fill in this form, and submit to us.

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