Aspire Village

Aspire Village was an idea that sprung from the 2013 Burning Man Global Leadership Conference.  A group of theme camp leaders, artists, regional coordinators, Burning Man Project members — all dedicated Burners — met and brainstormed the idea as a means of creating a collaboration focused on art and interactivity.  From these discussions, one of the largest Villages on the playa was created consisting of over 1800 people from the following camps:  PlayaSkool, IDEATE, La Calaca, Kostume Kult, Sacred Cow, Kardashev III, Black Rock City French Quarters and Enclave.
The highlight of the collaboration is the interactivity zone and “Learning Center” which features several days of some of the most exciting and compelling programming ever brought to the playa.  Not only will it be the site of the 3rd TEDxBlackRockCity but it will also host The Space Conference, the Un-Conference, the Art Car Forum and All Things Burning Man Conference as well — suffice to say — an amazing gift back to the community.
Not only will there be incredible talks but also performances, art exhibits, films and much, much more.
Hope to see all of you throughout the week.

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