August 2012

What is it like planning a TEDx at BlackRockCity? “Like nothing else”

In April 2012, Klaudia Oliver, Steve Brown and I were all invited to attend the TEDxSummit in Doha, Qatar — a weeklong event exclusively for TEDx organizers. Hosted by the Doha Film Institute, the inaugural event gathered TEDx organizers from around the world for workshops, talks and cultural activities.  750 people from all walks of life converged in the Middle East to share their stories, experiences and ideas from their own TEDx programs — but when we introduced ourselves and said, “Black Rock City” ears perked up.

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A glimpse of last years TEDxBRC

Here’s a glimpse of TEDxBRC 2011 with Kate Raudenbush.

Kate Raudenbush is a New York City-based artist who creates social commentary through sculpture using themes and symbolism from history and mythology, geometry and architecture. She utilizes welded and laser-cut metal, acrylic, mirror, glass and light to form enveloping allegorical environments in an effort to shape an awareness of our changing earth and evolving humanity.