August 2014

2014 Speaker Announcement

2014 Speakers

John Denning — Passing the  Turnig Test by Embracing the Bizarre

David Kittay - How to Talk to Pepole We Can’t Stand:  An Algorithm

Silona Bonewald - “The choice is yours - Wizard or Muggle in the coming age of information.”

Kelly Peters - The Science of Choice

Isabel Behncke - Wild Joy & Uses of Abandon

Andrew Horn - Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

Conner White-Sullivan - Ben Franklin and a Religion of Learning

Theresa Beeler - The Power of Personal Authenticity

Wendy Mogel - The Ben Franklin Life Hack

Beau Lotto - The Neuroscience of Seeing - And Seeing Differently

Deborah Acosta - Imagine a World Where Women Feel Safe

Sharon DeMattia - The Naked Truth

Nelson Gonzalez - Encoding Communal Effort:  Big Data for Large Scale Social Innovation

Stuart Candy -

Levi Felix - Take a Break from your Technology


2014 Performers

Nick Vigarino
Bear Kittay - Animal

Photo credit: Sidney Erthal Photography

TEDxBlackRockCity 2014

Smart & Simple! It is, in two words, just that. SMART is addressing a widespread problem with creativity, innovation, and sustainable resolution. SIMPLE is not only presenting in an idea in a digestible yet fascinating way, but devising an answer that is relevant and scalable to our community, and beyond.


Smart & Simple takes the idea worth spreading one step further to find practical applications for creative genius. TEDxBlackRockCity seeks to highlight the ideas of those members in our community that elegantly and succinctly address global problems.

Photo credit: Sidney Erthal Photography