Cooperative (n)?

A TEDxTalk by Emily A M Lippold Cheney

Cooperative (n.)

Most people, if asked, would be quick to tell you “cooperative” is an adjective. I think most people, too, would report wanting to live with others in a way that was more cooperative. As I understand it, the quickest and most effective way in which to get to that place is to consider “cooperative,” first and foremost, as a noun. The cooperative economic model presents both the means and an end to a movement beyond individualist and profit-motivated capitalism. It is the Principles and Values of the cooperative model that define it and have maintained its integrity and distinctness for centuries. As tools for economic self-realization, cooperatives are respected and utilized by communities around the globe but remain largely misunderstood in the United States. During 2012, the United Nations’ International Year of Cooperatives, it is time to actively cooperate (v.) and spread the word to build a movement towards collective liberation.

Creativity Training

The broader the reach of your mind, the better. You want as many influences as you can gather… even if you don’t know how they will come up in your future. That’s one of the lessons articulated in the Electric Forest as part of the Einstein Moments project.

For the first time, event coverage includes creativity training to help you make best use of the presentations, both as you absorb the information and then put it to use.

Visit the Einstein Moments site for more information. It was developed for The Electric Forest to help participants discover genius within themselves.

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