Videos TEDxBRC 2012

The 2012 TEDxBRC theme was “PRO:CREATION” and revolved around the nature and possibilities of Creativity. TEDxBlackRockCity 2012 took place on August 30, 2020 at NOON, located at Play)A(Skool —9:45 & Esplanade.


We are proud to present you with the talks!

Ryan Wartena - On Energy Awareness & Micro-Grids

Joe Quirk - On Seasteading:  How Ocean Cities will solve the worlds biggest problems

Emily Alice Lippold Cheney - Cooperative (n)?

Stephen Brooks - On building Intentional Communities

Cassandra Vieten - On Noetic Science

Kerry Rohrmeier - Urban Geography of BRC


Performance: Dixon - Transformational journeys via digital violin


Jamie Wheal - On Flow States

Michael Vassar - The Legend of Healthcare

Carmen Mauk - You are the breakthrough solution

John Halcyon Styn - On Epiphanies of Immediacy


Performance: Waterbody - An excert of “Okeanos”