Urban Geography of BRC

A TEDxTalk by Kerry Rohrmeier

Black Rock City provides an exceptional model for an effective human-scaled builtenvironment complete with strong civic engagement. Burning Man participants autonomously construct innovative, creative public and private spaces that generate deeper cultural questions about community values, social relationships, auto-independent modalities and city growth.  While the basic urban site layout is inorganic, within gated perimeters participants freely challenge traditional city planning norms by demonstrating clear rejections to the status quo.  Instead, experimenting with self-reliance in harsh physical constraints reconceptualizes the built environment and allows for reinterpretation and mocking of failing default sub/urban places. Innovative and adventurous, Black Rock City can serve as a colorful reminder of how grand urban design elements from utopian models can be workable with an ephemeral, radical twist.

Creativity Training

Drawing on assets developed for the Einstein Moments project in the Electric Forest, we are offering training specific to the TEDx Black Rock City talks.  Your understanding of Kerry’s talk will be enhanced by using memory as it applies to creative thinking.  Notice this in her presentation and make use of it.

For the first time, event coverage includes creativity training to help you make best use of the presentations, both as you absorb the information and then put it to use.
Use this link to go to a page on the Einstein Moments web site. This was developed for The Electric Forest to help participants discover genius within themselves. This game– helping you master “big picture” concepts– is especially suited to this TEDx talk.

Explore the topic in a phone call with Kerry