Theme Paradigm Shift

TEDxBlackRockCity 2014
An innovator is one who does not know it cannot be done.  -  R.A. Mashelkar
Smart & Simple! It is, in two words, just that. SMART is addressing a widespread problem with creativity, innovation, and sustainable resolution. SIMPLE is not only presenting in an idea in a digestible yet fascinating way, but devising an answer that is relevant and scalable to our community, and beyond.


Smart & Simple takes the idea worth spreading one step further to find practical applications for creative genius. TEDxBlackRockCity seeks to highlight the ideas of those members in our community that elegantly and succinctly address global problems.

TEDxBlackRockCity 2013


“In dreams begin responsibility”  –William Butler Yeats.


The only constant in the universe is change. While change is often gradual and invisible, it can also be sudden and shocking. We may be poised at tipping points without even realizing it. Change begins with a moment, often unplanned, an encounter that may lead to a shift in individual and collective consciousness. This is the kind of experience we hope to create at TEDx BRC 2013, an encounter with ideas that could change the world.


With this year’s theme, we will present inspirational change agents addressing the linked subjects of paradigms and shifts. We guarantee an afternoon of ideas worth sharing.


We believe that there is no more fertile venue in the world to explore Paradigm I Shift than Black Rock City — also known as Burning Man. The fundamental qualities of this city in the desert — the world’s largest intentional community — are freedom, experimentation, and participation, precisely the conditions in which new approaches to old (and emerging) problems can be conceived and realized.


For most people who come each year to Burning Man, the shared dream is to take the values and aspirations of the Playa back to their homes, workplaces, and communities; to practice and promote the Ten Principles, not just on the playa once a year but all the time everywhere. Transforming the ‘real’ world is a formidable challenge and a powerful dream. Join us at TEDx BRC 2013 as we share the dream and encourage responsibility for making change happen. Let us come together to shift paradigms.